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Freeware for PocketPC 2002, 2003 and Windows Mobile 5...

Target is an Application for Shooters to record the Hits and Rings on Targets. You can create Shot-Series and Shot-Pictures and administrate Ranges, Shooters, Weapons and Dealers. You can export and import Datas from and to the Database and even create Statistics. Saving them as Bitmaps is also possible with the external Screen-Capture Freeware CapScrUtil from Fann Software.

PsychoTest is a tiny little Program to test your psychologic Condition. It asks you some Questions and you have to answer them with Multiple Choice Answers. At the End PsychoTest shows you the Result as a Rating Text. You can even create your own Tests by using the easy Script Language. Up to 999 Tests with each 100 Questions (with optional a Picture) and each 10 Answers are possible by 10 Rating Texts per Test.